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University Medical Center Las Vegas

University Medical Center is Southern Nevada’s major acute care, not-for-profit teaching hospital providing inpatient and outpatient health care services. The Medical Center is licensed for 508 beds.

The hospital serves as the state’s major clinical campus, training doctors who someday will staff hospitals and clinics throughout the state. Because of its alliance with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and other affiliated university programs, UMC is recognized as providing the most extensive and complete teaching programs for physicians and nurses in Southern Nevada.

Residents spend two months in Family Medicine, two months in Neurology, one month in Internal Medicine, and one month in Emergency Medicine in PGY-1. In PGY-2, they spend three months on consult/liaison psychiatry. Residents spend one day per week in the UMC TLC outpatient clinic during PGY-3. In PGY-4, seniors take on an administrative rotation for the consult-liaison service, supervising PGY-2 residents, UNSOM medical students, as well as visiting residents and medical students on elective rotations.


UMC Total Life Care (TLC) CLINIC

The TLC Clinic is a part of the UMC LIED outpatient facilities. It includes all medical specialties and is an opportunity for residents to provide mental health services to Clark County social service patients. TLC/Lied Clinic focuses on continuity of care between primary care, psychiatry and other medical specialties. Residents will begin their rotation during PGY-3 and will have the opportunity to provide continuity of care for their patients.


Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

SNAMHS provides both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care. The outpatient medication clinic facilities are located throughout Las Vegas and focus on providing mental health services to uninsured Nevada residents. Services include clinic visits for psychiatric assessments, follow up visits, medication management, depot shots, and psychotherapy. As a PGY-3 and PGY-4, you will spend 1-2 days per week at an assigned site providing continuity of care to your patient load. 

The SNAMHS inpatient Rawson Neal Hospital is a 190-bed facility, providing acute short term and long term psychiatric inpatient treatment for adults with serious mental disorders for uninsured Nevada residents. Psychiatric emergency services at Rawson Neal are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a 30-beds Psychiatric Emergency Observation Unit for people who may require extended evaluation.

Other available programs: Psychosocial Rehabilitation - provides outpatient assistance to obtain and maintain quality of life through employment and consumer advocacy; Case Management – case managers support individuals in managing symptoms of their mental disorder as well as linking and referring them to appropriate community resources; Residential Programs – provide a range of community housing and assisted living options for individuals with serious mental disorder; C.A.U.S.E. – Consumers Against Unfair Stigma Through Education, a non-profit consumer run organization providing support and advocacy for people with mental disorders.

PGY-1 residents receive six months of training in Inpatient Adult Psychiatry. PGY-2 residents will receive 3 months training in the Psychiatric Emergency Unit. PGY-3 residents spend two days per week in the outpatient clinic setting. PGY-4 residents can elect to incorporate SNAMHS outpatient clinical experience for continuity of care. PGY-4’s also have the option of structuring elective time with the PACT Team to provide assertive community mental health care.


University Medical Center Las Vegas

The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHCS) Mental Health Service Line/Psychiatry Service consists of the following program components: Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic Services, Social Work, Psychology/Counseling, Neuropsych testing, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program (ADTP), PTSD Program, a 14-bed Inpatient Voluntary Psychiatry Unit at The Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital, Community Based Outreach Clinic for Homeless Veterans, and the Chaplain Service. A new North Las Vegas VA Medical Center opened in August 2012 further expanded available mental health services to veterans. Services provided by the above programs include but are not limited to: diagnostic services, treatments, consultations, rehabilitation, referrals, and other dispositions. There is an adequate number of qualified staff, appropriate facilities and equipment to enable eligible veterans to receive the necessary and appropriate level of care. 5% of the patient population is WWII cohort, 5% from the Korean War, 5% post-Korean, 15% from Vietnam, 20% Vietnam Era, 30% post-Vietnam, 10% first Gulf War, 5% post-Gulf War (first), and 5% Iraq/Afghanistan. Female veterans comprise 7% of the patient population enrolled in Mental Health Programs.

Residents spend three months on Inpatient Adult Psychiatry during PGY-2 and one day per week during PGY-3 in assigned outpatient clinics. PGY-4 electives are available in inpatient, outpatient clinical settings, telepsychiatry, administrative duties, and research.


Spring Mountain Treatment Center

Residents rotate through a three-month Child/Adolescent psychiatry rotation at Spring Mountain Treatment Center during PGY-2. This facility is an 82-bed mental health facility providing services to children and adolescents with psychiatric disturbances. Residents will encounter addiction as well as traditional Axis I disorders.

Discover what makes UNSOM Psychiatry Las Vegas the right choice for your Residency.

At a Glance Facts:

• Fully accredited university program with balanced training in both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.
• Total number of positions is currently 16, with 4 at each level of training. Approved program expansion to 6 residents per level starting with the graduating class of 2017.
• Multiple training sites in both public and private sectors with reasonable on-call schedules.
• Individual attention to both personal and professional development of residents.
• Spectacular high desert and mountain environment.

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